Technical specifications Kymo

Lenght : 11,58 M

Beam: 3,20 M

Draft: 0,90 M

Displacement: 5,8 t

Fuel: 500 L

Freshwater: 200 L

Engine: 2*320 / 350 / 370 HP Yanmar.

Transmission: Shaft line

Performance: 44 kn*

Robust hull.

Born from the continent binding Bosphorus with its technology delivering strong performance, the deep V hull and the luxury cabin togheter with sunpad, and luxurious dining area KYMO offers a powerful, luxurious and elegant ride with a sensational blend of speed exhilaration and joy.

Technical specs SY 27

Lenght: 8 M

Beam: 2,5 M

Draft: 1,5 M

Displacement: 2,7 t

Fuel: 200 L

Fresh water: 200 L

Engine: 1*270 HP Yanmar / 1*200 HP Hyundai

Transmission: Shaft line

Performance: 24 kn*

Sole Yacht

Has 2 different yacht types.

The elegance and fast KYMO, and the  working boat / daycruiser or the daytrip yacht called SY 27.

Both built in a very excellent way and with highest standards. With quality materials and handpicked suppliers.

Every feature in KYMO is built and designed for YOU, minimalistic hull lines, well designed interior.

A unique design with great performance.

SY 27:

The perfect day boat!!

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