Jet Capsule

Since the initial idea, during the years of development, Jet Capsule has changed a lot to meet our ideal concept and the technical improvement.

Capsule frame and Hull is made of fiberglass. Used fiberglass is produced under specific mix ( proprietary formula) of Jelcoat and fiberglass of carbon.

Engine choices:

Yanmar diesel approx:38 knots

Volvo penta duo-prop: approx: 38 knots

Jet propulsion: Rolls Royce

Hamilton Jet.

Electrical equipment- master volt- battery

Carling technology- controls, panel switches, main circuit breakers.

Lewmar- Electrical winch


Bose: audio systems

Simrad: VHF, radio, chart plotter


Classic Jet

With a V8 engine of 570 HP.

Automatic Sliding doors, roof ladder, photochromic windows, sunroof, toilet/service room, pilot cabin, private jet armchairs, classic interior wood, air conditioning. And several other features to add if you like.

Emergency Jet

Jet capsule configured for emergency / ambulance use, with all the necessary inventory. Patient laying down in a boat.

And lights on top, including all the necessary equipment.

Party Jet

The party, is built with 2 big subwoofers located on the top of the roof. Which also allows for transport of several different water toys.

Thanks to dual jet pumps it’s also easy to use flyboard, and pilot the jet capsule simultaneously. Perfect configuration for a day at the sea, playing.

Patrol Jet / Police

Engines 2*350HP, Bulletproof glass,  reinforced aluminium chassis.

The most powerful jet capsule, configurate for police force and other surveillance companies.

Armoured Jet

P 547 armoured Jet is equipped with 2* 260 HP Diesel engines with reinforced chassi and bulletproof shields.

In base of your need the jet capsule can be configurated with any kind of defence/attack/ patrol equipment. And divers hatch in bottom of chassi.



Private Jet

Twin engines +electrical dual idrojet propulsion.  Rear semi/automatic sliding doors. Photochromic windows, sunroof , toilet/service room. Pilot cabin, private jet armchairs. Air conditioner.

Angel Jet

The comfort of a 25 ft angel Jet is a perfect combination of luxury and designers inginuity. Personal transforming sunbathing platform, LED ultra illuminating system.


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