Where space and light come together.

The Dominator Ilumen 28M is a revolutionary yacht in every sense of the word and a very different ship to anything currently offered on the market, thanks to the innovative technical features and state-of-the-art design methods used in its creation.

The 26,5 metre Ilumen 28M is the product of intense research and development, producing a yacht that features the most innovative design and advanced processing techniques available today. Ilumen was born of a skillful mix of engineering and design, where Andrea Agrusta, head of hydrodynamics and engineering, and Alberto Mancini, head of design and styling, were able to harmonize beauty, functionality and efficiency like no other yacht of the same length.

Space and light are at the heart of an architecture that brings in views through floor-to-ceiling windows in rooms dressed in backlit white onyx, ebony and zebrano wood, brushed steel and soft, hand-stitched nubuck leather. The interior is as sophisticated and opulent as a luxurious villa; touch a switch in the sumptuous master suite and a retractable ceiling slides open to reveal panoramic 270-degree views on your private bow terrace.

Double sliding glass doors add a sense of luxury, style and occasion as they provide access from the suite to the terrace. In a Dominator Ilumen 28M the most advanced technology and innovative engineering detail come together with the very highest standards of quality and craftsmanship to produce a bespoke masterpiece made for you alone.


High Quality Materials

The finest quality materials are handpicked in both the construction and dressing of every Dominator. Ensuring that each yacht that leaves our shipyard is durable, beautiful and designed just for you.


Superior sea keeping

The close collaboration between our engineering department and the various handpicked suppliers has lead to unparalleled stabilising systems that use a combination of Gyros, interceptors and fins togheter with leading edge hull design.


Dominator doesn't cut corners.

Dominator does not cut corners in construction. every yacht is always built to the most exacting standards, using the so-called Sandwich method where fiberglass is overlaid on both the inner and outer surfaces to create a rigid 'sandwich' structure that is far stronger and lighter.


17 Years of experience.

In seventeen years of designing and building beautiful yachts with leading designers and engineers we have taken each new model to the next level of yacht development – so you can be sure that your Dominator represents the very best in terms of comfort, style and technology.

There are more than 140 Yachts at sea.

Ours is a bespoke shipyard where yachts are lovingly created as individual works of art, each representing the personal wishes and style of their owner, so we are very proud to say that there are 140 yachts at sea that belong to the exclusive Dominator marque.


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