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Dominator Yacht

Jet Capsule

Sole Yacht

We invite our customers to visit our artisan shipyards in Italy for Dominator Yacht and Jet Capsule.

And in Turkey / Istanbul for

Sole Yacht.

Where YOU can see how every craft is hand-finished, and that painstaking care is taken over even the tiniest detail.

Yachting for us:

Is a lifestyle, we truly believe in the dreamers and the doers of the world. Everyone can buy a boat or a yacht but its the lifestyle which makes you the true master at sea. So we welcome you to our world, and are eager to meet you. This way we can show you at site our passion. Ultimatelly its a lifestyle.


"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water."


"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."


We are a European yacht company based in Sweden, but we cater to clients throughout all of Scandinavia and Europe.

We pride ourselves on selling yachts of the highest quality from one of the world’s leading suppliers;

Dominator Yachts.

The Ilumen Project offer a selection ranging from 24 M up to 38 M Tri-Deck super yacht.

Each uniquely their own. They are lovingly created by skilled craftsmen with made-to-measure solutions to ensure that everything meets our customers' requirements perfectly. Hi-tech solutions, specially designed furnishings, fine materials and top-class finishings all ensure that every expectation and dream is fulfilled.

Our Story

In the beginning:

Our love to the ocean and love to both luxurious and well built yachts and also detailed focusing in yachting. As time past by we have been focusing on finding the right owner to the right yacht and brand. Thats why we also have the fantastic opportunity to market and sell both Jet Capsule which is a unique piece of Italian art. And also Sole Yacht which is a specific yacht from Turkey that can be used both in daytrips but also for longer journeys.

Meet our brands and their entire range.


Dominator Yacht

Ilumen project

All the Dominator yachts are delivered to RINA CE category A+ norms and standard. They are therefore certified to the highest standards of yacht design,construction annd commissioning.

Several awards:

World Yachts Trophy: Best Layout

Robb Report: Best of the best.

World Yachts Trophy: Best interior design.

World Yachts Trophy: Most innovative.


Jet Capsule

Different layouts

Multiple layouts and configurations that can be adjusted just for YOU.

Everything from private capsule, used as tender to bigger yacht or daytrip yachting, to a armoured capsule used in the armed forces and police and/or surveillance company jet capsule.

Engine options and colour is up to customer.



Sole Yacht

Kymo & SY27

SY 27-All new orders any colour with standard options delivery time 2-3 weeks.

KYMO-All new orders any colour with standard options 10-12 weeks.

Multiple options in both engines, colour, and interior.

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